Shandong Yimeng Mountain Wine Industry Co., Ltd.

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Shandong Yimeng Mountain Wine Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic hometown of health preservation, the hometown of Hong Sister-in-law, the Yimeng tourist resort, and the strong tourist town in Shandong Province-Yishui County Yuan Dongtou Town. Production of yimengshan brand Luzhou-flavor and sesame-flavor grain liquor. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and has been rated as a national AAA-level tourist attraction, an industrial tourism demonstration site in Shandong Province, a provincial garden-style unit, an outstanding leading enterprise in the food industry in Shandong Province, and the top 30 enterprises in the comprehensive strength of Shandong liquor enterprises. A series of honorary titles.

Company, has dense vegetation and a forest coverage rate of 61.5%. It is an ideal "natural oxygen bar". The original ecological natural environment provides unique conditions for brewing Yimeng Mountain wine. The company has always adhered to the brand quality concept of "casting brand with quality and winning the world with brand. Yimeng mountain brand liquor is made of high-quality sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, wheat and corn as raw materials, adopts traditional manual technology, and is stored in natural caves for a long time. Luzhou-flavor liquor has a unique style of "rich cellar aroma, mellow flavor, sweet entrance, clean throat and harmonious flavor. Using wheat and sorghum as the main raw materials, the sesame-flavored liquor produced by the "three highs and one long" process has the characteristics of "elegant and pure, mellow and delicate, coordinated aroma, long aftertaste, and elegant style", as well as the delicate sauce fragrance, The aroma of strong fragrance and the elegance of delicate fragrance. The two kinds of high and medium-grade liquor series are favored by consumers because of their high quality.

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Company name: Shandong Yimeng Mountain Wine Industry Co., Ltd. Type of company: manufacture (manufacture)
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Business model: manufacture
Business Scope: yimengshan brand Luzhou-flavor and sesame-flavor grain liquor
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Liquor / spirit


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