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100% Organic Apple

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Hermann Pfanner Getränke GmbH
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100% Organic Apple

- 100% freshly pressed, naturally cloudy organic apple juice
- Without added sugar
- Energy value 46 kcal per 100ml
- Available in the 1.0l Elopak container

The naturally cloudy Pfanner organic 100% Apple Juice contains fresh apples from controlled organic farming. It is harvested in the Lake Constance region, where the climate is mild, and gently pressed and bottled in Austria. The organic label guarantees that the fruit is grown naturally and in compliance with organic guidelines. Organic farming is non-genetically modified and uses no synthetic pesticides or mineral nitrogen fertilisers. This not only helps to maintain species diversity, it also protects the environment.

Contact information
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Hermann Pfanner Getränke GmbH
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Alte Landstraße 10 6923 Lauterach


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