About Us

About Us

As a professional platform for global food procurement and trade, Foodmvs has decades of experience in serving international buyers and suppliers in the food field, and is one of the most trusted global leaders in the food procurement industry. Since its establishment, the B2B website has always been committed to promoting international trade and market access in the food industry, and has connected global honest buyers and verified suppliers through professional exhibitions, authoritative forums, digital trade platforms and trade services. Provide them with customized procurement solutions and reliable market information. With the experience and reputation accumulated in the food industry for decades, we will continue to promote honest trade and help buyers and sellers to conclude trade cooperation.

The website has opened various channels according to the needs of the global food industry, including product center, procurement hall, enterprise center, product investment, exhibition and conference, information center, online exhibition, etc., and conducted according to China's food safety supervision, label management and international trade. Product classification and labeling services, providing a full range of market information, policy interpretation and business services for practitioners and enterprises in the global food industry.

Relying on its own resources and technical advantages, Foodmvs provides a full range of food safety solutions for global food-related companies, such as interpretation of policies and regulations, market access system requirements and procedures, risk management and control, product classification and tariffs Calculation, industry requirements and relevant market information, etc., and also provide one-stop market access solutions and training consulting services for overseas enterprises.

Foodmvs will be customer-centric and build a trustworthy multi-channel B2B trade platform in the global food industry. With customized procurement plans and market information, it will connect global buyers and suppliers, help buyers and sellers to change with the times, and quickly grasp business opportunities , promote procurement and trade, improve human life, and enhance mutual understanding and cooperation between different communities. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "service, innovation, and win-win", provide more professional, personalized and differentiated services for the global food industry, and jointly promote the healthy development of the food industry.